Watching Triangular Flower in Ha Giang for Vietnam Trekking

Watching Triangular Flower in Ha Giang for Vietnam Trekking

Vietnam impresses foreign tourists with captivating sceneries in many famous places. If you come in a Vietnam trekking to Ha Giang in October annually, the Highland is dyed with golden sunshine at the end of fall and pink of the triangular flowers. This is the thing that becomes more and more attractive to backpackers all around the country and impresses many tourists coming here.

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Check-in in the triangular flower garden 

Departing from Hanoi in the early morning to get to Ha Giang in the evening, you can either spend the night right in the city or continue to go to Quan Ba (more than 40 km far from the city center) or Yen Minh like in a motorbike tour in Vietnam. However, staying in Ha Giang is the most reasonable option after a distance of 300km.

The triangular flower season in Ha Giang lasts from the beginning of October until the end of December. Triangular flowers covers along bending passes are one of the most visited check-in flower gardens in any Vietnam trekking.
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Surce: Huu Thong

The triangular flower is a well-known flower of Ha Giang. It is this province’s symbol that attracts large numbers of tourists to the plateau when hiking in Vietnam annually. The flowers blooming in October are usually full of sun and the wind so they are pink, but the same type that is planted at the beginning of the year is usually white with small flowers.

Ethnic peoples here so the triangular flower seeds interspersed with other crops and there are also areas that merely densely plant triangles. Normally, the seeds are sown from the corn crop to the end of November or early December to begin to be harvested.

On the way trekking in North Vietnam to Dong Van Plateau, turning to Pho Bang to visit "sleeping town", you will also have the chance to go through the valley of roses and a large triangular flower field along the side of the road. Built among the flowers are houses with ancient architecture. Along 4C Avenue, the flowers flood in Sung La, Pai Lung valleys, and spread to Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man. On the way to Sa Phin, you will meet many triangular flower fields lying right at the bends of the Moon Rock. Among the rocky mountains covered with fog all year round in dry weather, which you will discover during your Vietnam trekking, winding paths hinder their way in the valleys flooded with triangular flower, which drives people to imagine about the flowers blooming on rocks.
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Enjoy cakes made from flowers on the rocky plateau

From about mid-October, Ha Giang rocky plateau is filled with the pink-violet color of triangular flowers. The local citizens have processed this flower into simple foods that have nutritional value and are good for health such as triangular flower cakes. The triangular seeds are tiny and they are fine grounded to flour and soaked with water. When it reaches the standard plasticity, the flour is put into a mold to shape into small cakes and steamed on the ovens. You can enjoy them at the market or buy them as gifts for relatives in your Vietnam adventure activities when coming to the rocky plateau rocks with the price of only 10 - 15 thousand dong for each.

In addition to triangular flower cakes, when you set foot in this land for a Vietnam trekking, just enjoy a very famous specialty here. It is a kind of porridge called “au tau”, which sounds a bit strange. This dish is made from caltrops, a very poisonous root that often grows on rocks in the mountains of the north. The roots are soaked in water for one full night and then kept for at least four hours until they are softened and start to form a thick paste. Sticky rice is mixed with plain rice, cooked in bone broth with caltrop powder. Tourists coming here to adventure Vietnam culture and tradition say that the porridge is the combination of the smell of sticky rice, the sweetness of the leg bones, the fattiness of the egg, the sour taste of the bamboo shoots and the slightly bitter taste of the roots. Just go to the market, or stop at a small stall in Dong Van Market to sip this porridge while watching the colorful brocade outfit of the ethnic people...
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In short, Ha Giang is an amazing destination for those who admire a memorable Vietnam trekking with nice experiences and exploration of a beautiful but peaceful place. Coming to Ha Giang, do not miss a chance to feel the poetic beauty of triangular flowers. You can save in stunning picture of your trip with images of them.

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