Trekking in Vietnam With Charming Beauty of Mai Chau- Hoa Binh

Trekking in Vietnam With Charming Beauty of Mai Chau- Hoa Binh

Mai Chau is an impressively beautiful valley to both domestic and foreign tourists, especially those falling in love with tours trekking in Vietnam. Not only seducing tourists with the rustic beauty of the mountains, Mai Chau is also attractive by the hospitability of the citizens here. Taking a trip to Mai Chau valley, you will have a memorable time to discover the wonderful beauty, culture, cuisine of this place.
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Located 70km far from Hanoi, Hoa Binh town continues to lead you to Lai Chau for about 65 km. On the second half of the journey from Hoa Binh town to Ban Lac, you will have to cross a very steep slope called Doc Cun, which is about 12km long on a motorcycle tour in Vietnam. Although being called a slope, the road is very winding and dangerous, sitting on the car you will probably mistakenly think that you are going to heaven, because clouds will cover around you in the sky. The higher you get, the more beautiful the scenery is, which makes it one of the best trekking in Vietnam.

The next destination is the Thung Khe Pass (also known as Thung Nhuoi Pass). From a high altitude overlooking the Mai Chau valley, you will witness a breathtaking scene with green bowls of rice fields, stilt houses nestled in the mountain ranges covered with clouds. This is Ban Lac, the final destination for tourist in a tour to Mai Chau. The majority of people living here are ethnic White Thais.

Previously, the local people lived mainly by brocade weaving and upland rice cultivation. After that, when the beauty of Mai Chau Hoa Binh was explored by tourists for their trekking in Vietnam, gradually people in Ban Lac become focusing on Mai Chau tourism in particular and also the highlight of Vietnam tourism in general.
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According to the experience of tourists, visiting Mai Chau when the rice is ripe is the most attractive. When the rice is flowering, the scene is fresh, the green rice tilts to the wind. When the rice has ripened, the scene is dreaming, brilliant, golden rice fields twinkle in the sunshine. Coming to Mai Chau this season along cycling Vietnam routes, for example, visitors will get uniquely and vividly captivating photos.

Over the past year, visitors to Mai Chau have become increasingly crowded, households gradually turning to a commercialization of tourism. They renovated their houses, built stilt houses, used of new and more improved materials for their houses (such as laminate flooring, cement floor footing) ... More modern equipment creates a comfortable feeling for visitors coming there in a trekking in Vietnam. Despite the improvements, it has not changed so much and still retained the "root" of the people here.
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In addition to the material change, there are also many changes in morale. In Ban Lac, they set up many professional art groups to serve visitors loving outdoor activities in Vietnam with a very cheap price for hiring. Their performances are often dances of everyday work such as flower picking, cultivating, harvesting ... and beautiful songs about the Northwest Mountains.

The cuisine here is extremely abundant such as bamboo rice, stem wine, pork, hill country chicken, steamed spring fish... which are very tasty and cheap.

The clothes of the people here are diverse and all of the products are made by hand from scarves and brocade tops to other accessories. Women in the village also make many souvenirs to sell to tourists when trekking in Vietnam such as scarves, Thai skirts, decorative wall hangings, handbags and lovely wallets.
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Although having been through many years of tourism services, the flush of money and the need to make ends meet almost make no loss of the sincere and the nature of the mountainous people. The way they welcome tourists in their Vietnam high-cultured outdoor activities is also attractive to many visitors, especially foreign ones.

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