Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Ha Long Must Visit in Your Vietnam Local Tour

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Ha Long Must Visit in Your Vietnam Local Tour

Halong - one of the seven natural wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO, it is not only the pride of Quang Ninh people in particular but also the tourism industry in our country in general. Every year, Ha Long receives thousands of domestic and foreign tourists with attractive tourist spots in Ha Long such as Bai Chay, Co To Island, Tuan Chau Island, Sung Sot Cave. The top 5 attractions of Ha Long you must travel on your Vietnam local tour listed below. Make sure to put them on your plan. 

Bai Chay 

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Go to Ha Long on your Vietnam local tour, it must be a big waste if you don’t go to Bai Chay with cool blue and long beach. Bai Chay is a diamond island with a length of 6 km, a large and beautiful artificial beach located near the coast of Ha Long Bay with sandy beach more than 500 meters long, 100 meters wide. Bai Chay Resort is becoming the most beautiful tourist destination in Ha Long City with beaches intermingled with several architectural villas, water puppet shows, traditional music, and exciting games on the sea waiting for you in your Vietnam ground tour

Come to Halong Bay on your local tour Vietnam; you will have the funniest and exciting time because of the well-equipped hotel with many restaurants, vendors along on the streets and various entertainment centers are available 24 hours a day. Bai Chay has the fresh climate; pure blue sea water is very suitable for tourism and relaxation.

Co To Island

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Co To is considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf of Tonkin and one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Ha Long Bay and Vietnam local tour. Travel to this island and explore the wild beauty, fabulous is moving things in your Vietnam local tour package. With an area of 47.3km2, Co To Island is famous for more than 50 islands, rocks, and small beaches; the idyllic natural scenery is ideal for swimming and summer resort. Going to Co To Island can not fail to visit Ben Van Chay with gentle beaches, wild and charming sightseeing. Co To island with two clean beaches, suitable for travel. Or the Hong Van beach with the quietest and clean beaches in Co To. The unique thing in Co To is to see the morning sunrise on Co To Island and enjoying the specialties here is a highly enjoyable experience when traveling to Co To Island.

Tuan Chau Island

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About 2km from Ha Long City is Tuan Chau Island tourist resort with an area of 220ha is the only shale island in the islands of the region. With beautiful white sand stretching along the clear blue waters surrounding the green pine trees, the cool climate of Tuan Chau Island deserves the ideal resort on your Vietnam land tour package
Also, Tuan Chau Island has restaurants with unique architecture and specialties and many modern clubs. With the beach sports activities, water music, and many other services Tuan Chau island has become the pearl of Ha Long.

Yen Tu Mountain 

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Located in the Ha Long Tourism can not forget to mention the Yen Tu Mountain in Uong Bi City, Yen Tu also preserved many historic sites and was dubbed the "land of Buddhist Vietnam." According to the length of the road to the top of the Dong Pagoda about 6000m if walking about 6 hours, now has the cable system on the travel is also easier. Come to this spot in your Vietnam local tour is an ideal plan if you love to learn more about Buddhist of Vietnam. 

Ba Hang fishing village 

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Situated next to Thien Cung grotto is Ba Hang fishing village famous for many domestic and foreign tourists when traveling to Ha Long. With more than 50 households living and mainly engaged in fishing, Ba Hang fishing village is a peaceful and attractive tourist destination for your local tour Vietnam. Go to Ba Hang fishing village to enjoy not only beautiful river scenery but also experience the life of fishermen fishing here. The most interesting thing, when coming to this village, is you can buy seafood right after the fisherman catch them from the sea with very low prices.
These are 5 top attractive spots in Ha Long, keep following our tour guides to find more interesting things. See you next time. 

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