To determine What type of motorbike suit you the most in your Vietnam motorbike tours ?. Take a look at our article and then we will help you to decide.
Taking Wonderful Vietnam Motorbike Tours With Three Kinds of Motorbike

Taking Wonderful Vietnam Motorbike Tours With Three Kinds of Motorbike

Three main options are available for you on considering choosing a motorbike for Vietnam motorbike tours. They are Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual. Each option bears in itself two sides (bad and good side) regarding their use. That is why it is highly recommended to think wisely before you make a decision.


It is surely a piece of cake to use this type of motorbike for your Vietnam adventure activities. All you need to do is to using your right hand to pull back on the throttle slightly. To start moving, you just have to pull back a little more and then you will gather speed, full throttle. Finally, it is time to dash down the highway. It might take you half an hour to practice the motorcycle on a quiet road. Using this automatic motorcycle is easy, which makes it the perfect choice for any tourist who lives in a high populace and metro environment. This automatic has no gears and clutch, and this is such a blessing in Vietnamese cities. The reason is it allows you to focus on the roads ahead instead of your feet and gears.

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However, a big disadvantage of using this type during your Vietnam motorbike tours is small petrol tank. The tank is about 50-70% smaller than manuals in order to make up for the extra space used by other equipment. Covering 200km, 250km or 300km is a positive future on a good day of riding, but you have to get ready to stop to refuel about 4,5 or even 6 times per day. To make it worse,  as soon as the luggage rack is fixed, you may be squeezed up against the footwell of your bike. This will also add more weight to what is already a pretty weighty bike.


As a semi experienced rider, you might choose a semi-automatic for motorcycle tours in Vietnam. This one can help you scoot around in-between towns, traffic, and cities. Moreover, it is a good choice to experience appealing mountainous scenery. However, semi-automatics’ smaller tanks than automatics and less space on the back for luggage makes it a bad option for long drives.

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In-between the cities of Vietnam, manuals are among popular roaring bikes for motorbike tours. They are suitable for different kinds of weather. And its use of gears, large fuel tanks, and long body frames make them your good companions for long trips. However,  the uninitiated should not choose this type and it is just for those who have ridden a bike a few times before. A manual bike brings you more driving experience because a truck reversing onto the road cause you to think about the gear you need to be in 5 seconds time. Whenever you get confident on them, manuals are a lot of fun. Remember that, indecisiveness on the roads while driving manuals in the cities and on the highways will get you killed. Some pros and cons are as follows:

Advantages of Manuals: 

- First,  if you would like to cover 300 km per day during your Vietnam adventure holidays, just fill the tank up when you leave your starting point. And you will have to refill after finishing 200km/220km. That means you are in peace of mind and don’t have to worry about stopping at the petrol station every 2 hours.
– What is more, most manuals have much space allotted to their rear end, which offers a lot of room to plant your baggage and move around.

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Manuals’ Disadvantages:

The only thing you are warned to do is: Make sure the back wheel is straight, the sprocket with the chain around it is fitted and does not have scratches around it, the nuts and bolts are all secure. In short, inspect your whole bike carefully or it can break down unexpectedly during motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

In the end, an absolutely fantastic way to see Vietnam is riding a motorbike. Automatics, Semi- automatics, and manuals offer you the best ways to get around and improve your riding experience as well as the level of confidence.  You had better think carefully and make the best choice for your Vietnam motorbike tours.

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