Pre-Training for Best Enjoyment of our Adventures

Pre-Training for Best Enjoyment of our Adventures

You don’t need to be an athlete to take ActiveTravel ASIA’s adventures. However, in order to prevent any unexpected accidents and/or damage to your muscles, we are trying to give you some ideas to prepare for best enjoyment of adventure travel. In the end, taking our tours is taking adventure, NOT and never is taking risk or danger.

Active travelers and adventure newcomers

For those travelers, the most seen issue is getting into physical activities immediately without proper preparation. They are often so excited mentally while their physical is not ready yet. The injuries commonly are not serious such as muscle strain or headache but very much impact to the continuation of their tour program, e.g. causing amendment or even postpone/cancellation of the tour.

We advise travelers on self preparation before taking tours as follows:

For beginner training, resting properly is very important in order to avoid shock or faint. Here is resting guides:


Our most suitable adventures for starting up your adventure life are graded from 1 - 3 stars. We got many options including kayaking tours, biking tours and trekking tours with outdoor activities mostly from 2 – 5 hours per day with some resting intervals. With the training and proper warming up, you will thoroughly enjoy the mentioned adventures. Those programs are also our top picked adventures because of their awesome experiences while suitable for most physical levels.

Outdoor novices

Those travelers are quite acquainted to outdoor physical activities and they, themselves, often have some exercise routines. We have hardly seen any injuries or accidents occurring to those travelers as they have a very good balance of adventure experience while understanding very well of the risk.

Apart from your daily training routine, we suggest you should do some more outdoor training and increase your routines to 4 – 6 times per week with minimum 55 – 70 minutes up to 80 – 100 minutes each. The exercises recommended are: running, jogging, bicycling, swimming in different weather conditions and terrain types.

Indoor training routine should be more intense such as cardio with weightlifting, dead-lift, HIIT, Tabata, etc. Leave at least 01 rest day for your muscle relaxing.

For those who hunger for mountain hiking, stair climbing with backpack is strongly recommended at least 2-3 weeks before the tour. You can increase the pack weight slowly such as: start with 3-5kg then increase to 7kg or 10kg depending on your tolerance.

The recommended tours for outdoor novices are trips with grades from 3-5 stars. These adventures can be single activities requiring fairly good skills, multi activities combined, or the activities in a day up to 5-8 hours in different weather conditions and terrain types in remote areas.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Professional adventurers

With this type of travelers, they own very good routine of physical training and are very experienced in one or several skills. They could be kayaking teachers, professional riders (bike or motorbike), very experienced climbers, pensioners from armed forces, personal trainers, etc. The injuries or accidents while in an adventure tour rarely happen to them but if any, it’s often very serious cases such as getting lost or even death. The reason often comes from the very high self-confidence in their personal skills and always seeking for extraordinary or beyond-limited experiences.

We don’t give any suggestion of preparation for you, professional adventurers, as you absolutely know what to do. We just try to remind you the rules and policies of taking adventures to ensure your own safety, e.g. trekking to Fansipan alone without local porters/guides is prohibited. With your experiences and skills, any tours in our websites are possible and we even customize for further and harder experiences according to your desires.

At ActiveTravel ASIA, we know physical conditions of each individual are very much various and different. The most important note of all physical training and activities is listening to your body. This guide and grading definition are the  essentials for you to begin adventure travel. In all our tours, our experts and guides will work closely with you to support you to deal with physical matters. Please contact our Active team if you are unsure whether the interested trip suit you or not.

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