Participate in Tours from Yangon for Myanmar Water Festival 2017!

Participate in Tours from Yangon for Myanmar Water Festival 2017!

Known as a famous Buddhist country, Myanmar has many festivals related to gods. One of the most famous festivals is water splashing festival, which is also known as Thingyan. To travelers, Thingyan must be one of the most interesting things to do in Myanmar
This festival can also be seen in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. There are many tours from Yangon during the festival. Here are some things to note.

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This festival is New Year festival of Burmese, but it does not fall at the end of December or beginning of January, but from 13 to 16 of Myanmar traditional calendar.

Water splashing water lasts for 4 to 5 days, more than 3 days in other countries. The first day is called a-kyo nei, the second day is a-kyo nei, the third day is a-kyat nei ( this may be 2 days in some years ), and last day is a-tet net. So this long festival is also the busiest time of the year for many Myanmar travel companies to open Yangon tours.


The festival is based on a myth about gods. Myanmar people wish peace for all things in the world and pray for bless from gods during this time. They believe that water can help them wash away bad things and sins, and welcome a new year with luck and health. 

Booking tours from Yangon, tourists can happily slash water with friends, family or even strangers and get unforgettable memories.  With water from the sprayer, buckets, sinks…people eagerly pour water on others, from the head to the feet. This season is also the hottest time of the year, so you just need a visa to Myanmar and book a tour to have a “big shower “. 

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Travelers book Yangon tour with their friends, lover or just go alone to have unforgettable memories. Many companies can attract tourists from all over the world.  They set up many tours and get benefits.  Yangon tour may range from cheap to luxurious, for 1 person or a big group.  


There are many activities which help people relax after one working hard year. To prepare for the festival, Myanmar girls practice traditional dance. Visitors may be impressed by the beauty of Myanmar young ladies. During Myanmar day tours, tourists can see girls in colorful traditional dresses and with wreaths on their heads, dancing in very big groups. There is a special flower only blossoming at Thingyan festival, called Pterocarpus macrocarpus which is also known as “Thingyan flower"

At this time, travelers can also see dancers, singers, and artists, enjoying sweet voices and watch many plays on the street. This time is a great time for Myanmar people to refresh their life, relax and welcome new years with a positive attitude. 
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Tourists who book tours from Yangon can also participate releasing fish, another traditional ritual of Burmese. This ritual is also popular in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand,…Both young and old believe that, when they releasing fish, give them freedom, on vice versa, they also get luck in the new year. This is before releasing fish. 

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Another traditional ritual held in Thingyan is making cakes to honor time. People both boys and girls all together make mont lone yeibaw, a kind of floating cake.  Cake’s shape is round, also the shape of the moon. This cake is made of sticky rice, with palm sugar, jiggery inside. Right before eating, the cake is sopped and be eaten hot. Contacting companies opening Yangon day tours, tourists can try to do this on their own, and try to act as a real Burmese.  
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Myanmar people also pay their respect on New Year day. On this day, children visit the elder with water and soap. They help wash the head for the elder, in a traditional way, to pay their respect and the younger. This ritual is not popular even in South East Asia countries. 
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Now, it is mid-March and there’s coming the water splashing festival soon! Spend time, get Myanmar visa and book any tours from Yangon to cool your hot days. 

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