Meta guide: Outstanding Places in Mui Ne for a Vietnam Adventure Travel
Outstanding Places in Mui Ne for a Vietnam Adventure Travel

Outstanding Places in Mui Ne for a Vietnam Adventure Travel

Mui Ne is located on the east coast of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province, about 250 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. This place is famous for its coconut shady roads, beautiful beaches and captivating cliffs surrounded by the waves and the dazzling sand dunes in the sun. With its beauty, Mui Ne has been the endless source of inspiration for photographers in a Vietnam adventure travel. Many famous photos won international awards. Mui Ne is known as the resort capital and is one of the premier locations for those who love sea tourism in Vietnam - an ideal place to relax in holidays.

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Mui Ne water stream

Mui Ne water stream has a coastal length of about 10 km in Mui Ne Ward, which is bounded by two famous scenic spots of Phan Thiet with the first point of Hon Rom and the end point of Hon Nghe (a small island with turtle shaped with its direction to the sea). Mui Ne water stream is located on the road 706 to the famous sights of Phan Thiet - White Sand Hill and this is also the national coastal tourist route bringing tourists from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet for the next tour to Nha Trang and vice versa. This bend road is also the place for visitors who loves photography during their Vietnam adventure holidays with impressive moments of daily life and scenic Mui Ne Phan Thiet.

This area was formerly a small fishing village. In 2000, it was planned to expand for tourism development after the area of Ham Tien - Mui Ne has become crowded and cramped. Mui Ne water stream is characterized among tremendous sceneries in any Vietnam adventure travel by its pristine beauty, poetic sceneries of the mangrove forests on Mui Ne coastal line. Located at the foot of high and long sand dunes, with gently sloping terrain to the sea with a lot of small streams flowing from the water in the sand dunes, this area is called Long Son water stream. In dry seasons (around October every year), there are lots of white heron flocks flying for fresh fish on small streams, which creates a peaceful feeling of Vietnam outdoor activities for all once coming here to visit.
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Due to the location away from the residential area, the beach is very clean, and the white sand is smooth and gentle. Therefore, in the summer, when it comes the south wind (from April to October every year), you can go far to hundred meters. The water level is also low to the stomach so it is safe and suitable for domestic tourists in the tourist season for Vietnam outdoor and those who love sailing sport. In the North (from October to April of the next year), this is an ideal place for sea sports players to challenge their courage with the big waves through the two famous water sports which are windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Mui Ne Sand Hill

A lot of visitors are very excited to follow the best Vietnam travel guide to take a trip to sand hills like desert Sahara on the coastline road 706 through the scenic series of Mui Ne fishing village – Golden Sand Hill - Hon Rom - Long Son Water Stream - Hon Nghe - White Sand Hill. This area has two great attractions that you should not miss: Golden Sand Hill and White Sand Hill, in which White Sand Hill is larger and also known locally as Bau Trang, Ho Trang or Bau Sen.
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Fairy Stream

In a distance 18km from Phan Thiet to the northeast, Fairy Stream appears in the eyes of visitors specifically in a Vietnam adventure travel for an as just a small spring filled with romance and mystery. Located in a beautiful position, one side of the Fairy Stream is the red and white sand mountains interwoven together, the other side is the coconut shady and bushy trees. The stream bends itself through the multicolored sand dunes to create a fairy scene. The red space is blossoming, the sand dunes are overgrown with rain and the wind and create strange shapes to attract curious and imaginative tourists. Between the sharp peaks, there are slits and valleys for adventurous climbers who come for Vietnam adventure activities but every path is just narrow enough for one foot to step in.
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Are you still looking for an impressive destination in a Vietnam adventure travel to come this summer? Mui Ne of Phan Thiet will be your perfect choice with various places to explore and enjoy yourself. You can easily find out information to book a tour to Mui Ne with reasonable price and suitable with your expect. A suggestion for another ideal tour after Mui Ne is provided here for those who want to know. Summer is coming, do not hesitate too much and pack up your bags for a memorable trip right now!

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