Basic Equipment including in ATA's Adventure

Basic Equipment including in ATA's Adventure

The lists of gears that ATA includes in our adventures dividing in each style

1. For mountain trek tours (often Mt. Fansipan)

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2. For general hiking and trekking tours:

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3. For Kayaking tours:

Notes: The sit-in kayaks are mostly used for Halong bay kayak tours due to water and weather conditions over the ocean. The sit-on-tops are mostly used for kayaking in lakes (such as: Ba Be Lake or Tonle sap Lake) where the water is more calm.
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4.  For cycling tours:

There are some types of professional bikes we used due different roads and terrains that requires bikes with different technical specs. Depending on your trip booked, we will select some of following bikes that best suit to the terrains.
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5. For motorbiking tours:

Motorcycling tours are mostly based from Vietnam and Thailand - two motor largest countries over Asia. However, the driving law, habbits and traffic awareness of two countries are very much different. That leads to we have to use different types of motors that best suit real conditions of each countries.
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