National Parks in Vietnam Will Make Your Vietnam Adventure Tour Full of New Experiences

National Parks in Vietnam Will Make Your Vietnam Adventure Tour Full of New Experiences

Vietnam is very famous for its natural beauty. From beaches to villages, we see the beautiful and peaceful life of this Asia people. There are many beautiful and natural parks in Viet Nam, if you are in Ha Noi, or plan to visit Ha Noi, where should you visit during the time here? Today, let’s discover more about Vietnam, these top 3 national parks near Ha Noi are what you should list to fulfill your Vietnam adventure tour ever.

Ba Vi national park

Located in Ba Vi, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, Ba Vi national park is one of the best national parks of Viet Nam. No more noisy, no more business, coming here you will feel the peace everywhere. Ba Vi national park is still very wild and nature. Taking time wandering through the park, under high and large trees, sit down under the shadow and take a nap, or just take a short rest before going on,…all are what you need to keep your life in peace.
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There are many things you can discover here to make your Vietnam adventure tour full of fun. With huge waterfall deep in the park, clouds over your head and mountain like you are almost in heaven and colorful birds with rare trees you can relax much, feel peace in your spirit. You can soon get yourself better and full of energy after taking short time in this place.

Many students also come here to have experienced and had fun together, they go camping some days after school or after tests and competitions.  Many other, especially foreigners visit it together with having their own motor tours in Viet Nam

Time to visit is from April to October when the weather is quite cool with fresh air. In the summer, it is hot so spending time in the park is a great way to relax. If you like to see wild sun flowers, you can visit later from November to December.

Ba Vi is also famous for its food such as bananas, wine, especially “Che Lam”,…You can buy these as a gift for friend without spending too much money, all are reasonable and really delicious.

Cuc Phuong national park

This is located in 3 provinces of Viet Nam: Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, and Hoa Binh.  To the South of Ha Noi 120 kilometer, this Cuc Phuong national park is very famous to tourists all over the world. To have a great tour, do not miss this destination.

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Cuc Phuong national park is famous for its diversity ecosystem. There are different animals and plants, both popular and rare ones. As estimated, there are more than 2000 kinds of plants and trees, among them are more than 400 kinds medical plants. Many of them are in Vietnam Red Data Book. For animals, this Viet Nam national park has many kinds of birds, fish, reptiles and 2000 kinds of insects. Many people come here to spend time watching different kinds of birds as their hobbies. 

This is also known as the first national park of Viet Nam. There are many wild caves for you to spend time discovering and taking photos. These caves are a long time and many people want to visit and discover these places. You can visit Son Cung, Pho Ma, beautiful and famous caves and get new experiences. The fact that fossil of animals is founded here may be more attracted to visit, right?

One especially thing here is that you can even participate festivals of ethnic minorities of Viet Nam. There are many Muong people live here for a long time, so you can easily see and discover their life to get great memories. This is a great chance for companies to hold Vietnam outdoor activities for tourists, so they can both get fun and have great experiences and understanding of Viet Nam.

Cat Ba national park

Located in Hai Phong, a very famous province in the North of Vietnam, Cat Ba national park is an ideal destination for whom like discovering new things. With huge natural sights and diversity ecosystem, Cat Ba gets more and more attraction from tourists. 

As a World Heritage Site designated as a biosphere reserve, with more than 200 kinds of animals and 130 among them in Vietnam Red Data Book, Cat Ba becomes popular to many foreigners. Every year, thousands of people come to visit this national park.  It does not take much time to travel from Ha Noi to Cat Ba, so this should be in the list of must-visit places to fulfill your Vietnam adventure tour.
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With Cat Ba, one of the best of Northern Viet Nam parks, you can spend time trekking, watching birds, swimming at night an go fishing,…This is suitable for both private tour and group tour. You can hold many activities to make all member union and get fun. This is a very good place to visit during your time in Viet Nam.

Visting Cat Ba national park also brings you good chance to visit Ha Long Bay, where every knows about its flame. Spend these summer days discover the park, and then have good evening wandering the beach and swim at night, enjoy the wind and cool water, how amazing tour! With short time just 3 days, a Ha Noi Ha Long Kayak tour will help you get new experiences with friends this summer. 

These 3 top amazing national parks are easy to reach, great to see, save time, save money, too. Don’t hesitate but make up your mind and say bye bye to noisy and hot weather, spend a little time to relax with a friend and get amazing experiences by a Viet Nam adventure tour, discover these wild parks and be back after all.

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