Kayaking in Vietnam

Kayaking in Vietnam

Places to paddle in Vietnam includes:

Halong Bay

Halong Bay in Vietnam is the most spectacular sea kayaking destination in the world. The bay’s name means “descending dragon,” and the mythical beasts are said to have created the rocky islets that form a maze of protected waterways. Our guests will explore the sea arches, caves and hidden lagoons in this vast archipelago, swim in the jade-colored water and relax on beautiful sand beaches.

The scenery isn’t the only thing that makes Halong Bay amazing. It is home to Cat Ba langurs, the rarest primate on Earth. There are only a few dozen of them left, but sometimes they emerge to feed in a hidden cove, and we catch a glimpse of them from our kayaks.

Mekong River

Exploring narrow channels, floating markets, daily life, orchards in the Delta. The favorable conditions of Calm water, light current, good mother-boat are to enable us to build kayaking tours in Mekong River.

Babe Lake & Nang River

Exploring peaceful river, beautiful lake, daily life, local market...

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