Going to Northwest in Vietnam Bike Tours to Explore This Top Four Passes

Going to Northwest in Vietnam Bike Tours to Explore This Top Four Passes

Northwest mountains are always favorite places for thousands of backpackers to explore the natural beauty in one of interesting Vietnam bike tours. The sceneries here are really captivating that you will not forget once getting there to visit. This article is about to mention top 4 most beautiful passes in Northwest so that tourists can base on and point out their suitable and admiring destination.

I. Ma Pi Leng Pass

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Ma Pi Leng Pass is considered one of the most beautiful and dangerous mountain pass in the Northern. That is why this pass is called the Great Wall of Vietnam or the Great Pyramid of the Meo. Ma Pi Leng Pass belongs to Ha Giang province. It is about 20 km long, which does not take too much time to travel if you are in a cycling Vietnam tour, passes over Ma Pi Leng Peak, a mountain with an the altitude of about 1,200 m in the Đồng Văn Plateau, located on the so-called Happiness Road, which connects Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac town. The pass looks like a thread crossing halfway up the hills, which creates a magnificent sight of the rocky plateau.

The pass was made by tens of thousands of young volunteers from 16 ethnic groups in 8 Northern provinces during 6 years (1959-1965) with over 2 million working days, in which the part passing over Ma Pi Leng was made by the suicide team whose members hanging themselves on the cliff to finish in 11 months. Ma Pi Leng is literally translated as a horse's nostrils and figuratively referred to the danger of high mountain peaks, which tire horses badly so they can even stop breathing when climbing up. Watching the Nho Que River glistening green all year round and the soaring mountain peaks from the peak of Ma Pi Leng will be interesting adventure activities to make tourists coming to Vietnam surprised about the wonderful nature surrounding.

II. O Quy Ho Pass (Hoang Lien Pass)

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O Quy Ho Pass or Hoang Lien Pass, Hoang Lien Son is considered as one of the longest, the most meandering and challenging pass for backpackers. Located on the highway 4D crossing the Hoang Lien Son range, the pass connecting two provinces Lao Cai and Lai Chau with the border is the past peak. The name “O Quy Ho” originated from the catchy sound of a bird, leading us to the sad story of a love of the couple. This wild pass is 2,073m above sea level, reaching up to 50km in length.

Traveling across the pass in Vietnam bike tours, tourists will see that it is its height, ruggedness, and length that make the pass was dubbed the "Northwest King of Passes". One side of it is a deep abyss and the other side is often upright cliffs, which make O Quy Ho a challenge for long-distance drivers with warning signs set up everywhere. Walking through O Quy Ho Pass with clouds surrounding the mountain, visitors will feel relaxed and forget about all the stresses in their everyday life.

III. Pha Din Pass

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Pha Din is the pass associated with many heroic achievements in the history. Located on the National Highway 6 running along the northwest provinces, Pha Din is 32km long and it is considered one of the six most impressive among all cycling Vietnam routes. The highest point of the pass is 1,648 meters above sea level and there is an approximately 70 ton TV tower with a wind capacity of 200 km / h.

The terrain of the pass is very dangerous, with one side is cliffs and the other is a deep abyss. Pha Din Pass halfway is always covered with clouds, whereas there are villages of the citizens under it. Standing on the steep slope of Dien Bien Province to look down over Muong Quai valley, there stretches the fresh green color of the hills, which makes this a highly exciting adventure activity for a tour in Vietnam. However, when approaching the top of the pass, it is almost impossible to see the villages but only the deep blue sky with majestic mountains and forests. All blend together and create a poetic but also dangerous scenery.

IV. Khau Pha Pass

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Khau Pha Pass is one of the most sinuous and steep passes in Vietnam, which attracts many backpackers for motorcycle tours. It passes Khau Pha Mountain, the highest peak in Mu Cang Chai. The pass has a length of over 30 km and is located on the border between Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai district of Yen Bai province. Due to the often mist surrounding this mountain pass, the peak of the mountain looks as if it rises above the sea of clouds.  In the Thai language, Khau Pha means the horn rising to the sky, or sometimes it is also understood as the Heaven Gate.

Two-thirds of Khau Pha Pass is covered with bumpy rocks. Only the part crossing Tu Le was made a little easier to travel in such Vietnam bike tours. Throughout the length of the pass, there are several dozen of sudden bends. On cloudy days, the pass is especially dangerous for drivers because it has no barrier or warning sign. The scenery at the Khau Pha Pass is the most beautiful in September or October when the terraced rice fields of the Mong people ripe in brilliant gold color. This is the right time when people flock to this place to enjoy their holiday.
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The four passes are considered the most beautiful, attractive and pristine in the Northwest of Vietnam. That is the reason why they are now invested in developing in tourism services. With good preservation and the right attitude of the local people, the passes can be the destination for many tourists and backpackers, especially when they want to experience Vietnam bike tours.

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