Meta guide: Explore the Biggest Lake in North Vietnam Ba Be in Your Vietnam Tours
Explore the Biggest Lake in North Vietnam Ba Be in Your Vietnam Tours

Explore the Biggest Lake in North Vietnam Ba Be in Your Vietnam Tours

Xin Chao! If you are a travel lover, I'm sure that you will want to explore the biggest lake in North Vietnam – Ba Be in your Vietnam tours. It sits peacefully in the northeast province of Bac Kan (Vietnam), famous for rich culture, extraordinary scenery, and fascinating biodiversity. Come to this fairy land and your stress because of busy life or work will be through away. Let take a look at this fancy place. 

Ba Be overview

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 Ba Be Lake – Photo: Mr Hung

Ba Be means Three Lakes, as the name there are three big parts includes: Pe Leng, Pe Lam, and Pe Ly. It is the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam with the square over 500ha, sitting at 150m above sea level. The karst peaks surround the vast lake make the Pia Booc more magnificent. 

One of the most attractive thing in Ba Be must be the ethnic minority communities. They live in small hamlets throughout, come there in your Vietnam travel tour packages, and you can see how simple life could be. Moreover, when meeting the local people in your Vietnam tours, you can have the chance to learn further about their history and culture.

It is also the perfect spot for Vietnam adventure tour with the thick jungle to explore, mystical caves to explore and rivers to kayak down. Ba Be is the home to about 1268 species of flora and fauna, some of them are rare species. On the other side, researchers have discovered many species as Chinese pangolins, macaques, flying squirrels, langurs, and bears, fish, birds, butterfly. What a paradise for your Vietnam tours

Festivals and events

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Long Tong Festival – Photo: Elbazuna

The most exciting way to know more about Ba Be culture and art in your tour packages in Vietnam must join the festival here. One of the biggest festivals you shouldn't miss is the Long Tong Festival AKA the Spring Festival. It's held on about 9th-10th days of the first lunar month, and on Feb as the usual calendar. Local people want to celeb in honor of the first rice crop of the year when they hold this festival. On this occasion, people from all the ethnic minority villages get together; they wear the finest clothes with the most colorful embroidered attire. The local people also decorate the waving flag, and the traditional decorations make all the place colorful and bright. Join this festival on your Vietnam tours you will have a chance to see and try the classic game, music, and art. The most beautiful memory in my Vietnam tour to Ba Be must be the floating flower patterns on the lakes in the festival night. 

Food and Drink

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Lon Cap Nach – Photo: Dulichbabe

Ba Be famous with farming and fishing conditions so that come to this place on your Vietnam tours, you will have the chance to lick on the freshest dishes ever. All the ingredient comes from the local field or takes from the lakes and rivers, especially fish. 

I never can forget the taste of Lon Cap Nach from my Vietnam travel tour packages. Its name can know as pig carried under the arm because the pigs are so small that you can bring it under your arms. Sound strange, isn't it? But truth me, you never can find another dish more impressed than this one. The dish is made from the pig which is under 10kg  in weight and raised in the forest or field to have the sweetest and tender meat. With the homemade spices, the grilled or roasted pig is the most wanted dish for your dinner. 

Beside Lon Cap Nach, you can try Chicken, Tofu and various vegetable when you are on tour packages in Vietnam to Ba Be Lake. All of them are fresh and tasty that are so sweet for your meal. Have dinner with the local people while listening traditional music, or some fairy story is the best way to through your stress away.

Now book your tour and take your luggage, it's time to explore and try all of these things by yourself. Hope you the best trips and most beautiful memories!

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