Enjoying Active Travel Vietnam tours With Right Motorbikes

Enjoying Active Travel Vietnam tours With Right Motorbikes

Whether tourists who desire to buy or rent motorbikes in active travel Vietnam tours, to choose a right motorbike is a hard decision among many options and availability. Below are the details and facts that we would like to point out to help you decide what is the most suitable motorbike for you to make the most of the time in Vietnam.

Cheap Motorcycles

A Chinese copy of a Honda Win 110cc is the cheapest option if you decide to buy one motorbike. However, most tourists to Vietnam bought this bike simply because they are on budget or dealers cheated by the name. Dishonest sellers advertised “Honda Win“ instead of saying “Chinese Win“. This copy is very unreliable that offers only 7 HP, riding up and down the country many times during your Vietnam adventure activities, of course, it is very dangerous: horrible steering, leaking oil, dead bearings, and engine that burns oil etc! Consequently, be careful to choose a “Chinese Win” instead of a “Chinese Loose”.  Your safety must be evaluated more than cash. 

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Quality Motorbikes

A bit more budget is in need if you would rather rent motorcycles just to save the headache of purchasing and then figuring out how to sell them when you do not need it anymore.  It is a good idea for you to check every single bit to make sure that bike works during your active travel Vietnam. In other words, all you need is the best quality product. In fact, when people buy a bike, they tend to ignore the risk and accept very low-quality standards that are unacceptable, which is mainly due to a limited budget. As mentioned above, we should think carefully before taking a Chinese copy, not mention to totally say No, while new models of Honda GL160 are now highly recommended.

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Challenging motorbike tours

If you are eager to take motorcycle tours in Vietnam around mountains or challenging roads, we would like to suggest bigger motorcycles from companies like KTM, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph and Royal Enfield etc. Of course, these are quite expensive which cost between 10,000$US to as much as over 100,000$US each. Moreover, such imported touring bikes above 125cc are charged 120% taxes or more. 

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Riding two up?

In reality, none of the motorbikes in Vietnam is really suitable for riding two up to experience active travel. Honestly, riding double can cause the pillion passenger discomfort and there is not enough space for rider’s legs. A standard touring motorbike for two people and above is from 650cc, which is very expensive in Vietnam because of 120% taxes. A good suggestion is a new Kawasaki Versys 650cc for personal use and it costs about 14,000$US! 

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What you need more?

You need to know mechanic basics and to be ready for any challenges on the road to Vietnam outdoor. If you buy a used motorbike, you likely need to do some service before you start because this bike just completes a long trip. If you rent one, remember that a tool kit, basic spare parts, tips and road rules are usually provided and you can take them during the rental contract. Last but not least, you had better bring your own gear so that it can fit best. 

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Hire or buy?

If you want to save money and accept lower standards or travel long days through many countries, you should spend money buying one. 

Hiring one is for the freedom of mind, not to worry about buying and selling a bike, no need to service motorbikes before or at the end of the trip. Just grab one and enjoy adventure activities in Vietnam!

Making a decision of a suitable motorbike for your active travel Vietnam is not easy because you get what you pay for. It is very likely for you to spend a lot on repair works, though there are many skillful mechanics in Vietnam. Therefore, the more reliable bike you buy or rent, the safer and sound your holidays are! 

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