Different kinds of Vietnam motorbikes

Different kinds of Vietnam motorbikes


Affordable & good experience - Future Neo 2009 125CC

Neat and good design by Honda Vietnam is very suitable for Vietnam road paths. The gear shift is changed easily and smoothly. This models can give you good experiences over almost motorcycling paths of Vietnam. Honda Future Neo is our default pick in the quotation as its very affordable price, popular spare parts, easy-to-control even for motorcycling beginners. For more experienced rider, we may suggest you should upgrade into Yamaha XTZ as below.

 Honda Furture for Vietnam motorbike tours
Future Neo for Motorcycling tours
Motorbikes for Vietnam tours
Honda motorbike for tours
honda neo


Average price & Off-road experience - Yamaha XTZ 125cc

A real offroad bikes by the second player in Vietnam motor market - Yamaha. The company focuses on young customers with active lifestyle. Our model is 2015 with many improvement in performance and give you real motorbiking experience in Vietnam.
 Yamaha for Vietnam motorbike tours
Yamaha for Motorcycling tours
Yamaha motorbike for tours
Motorbikes for Vietnam tours
Yamaha engine

Ultimate adventurous experience - Suzuki DRZ 400CC

Very powerful model comes from the thried player in Vietnam motorbike market - Suzuki. With the 400CC engine, this motorbike can conquer every dirt, off beaten paths of Vietnam. We offer this choice for very experienced motorbiking riders who seek for one-of-kind motorbiking tour that can not find else where.
 Yamaha for Vietnam motorbike tours
Suzuki Motorcycling tours
Suzuki motorbike for tours

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