Here are 5 things related to your motorcycle that you should carefully check before starting Vietnam adventure tours
Choosing Best Motorbike to Enjoy Memorable Vietnam Adventure Tours

Choosing Best Motorbike to Enjoy Memorable Vietnam Adventure Tours

When you travel around Vietnam adventure tours with motorbikes are worth trying at least once during your lifetime. Regarding buying a right motorbike in Vietnam, we would like to share with you some hints, tips, and information.

1. Get all necessary licenses and documentation ready

Riding legally in Vietnam means that you must get a valid Vietnam motorcycle license. Besides, you must be in the ownership of other papers for the motorcycle so that you can ride on it legally during your adventure activities in Vietnam, and buy insurance which is quite cheap from the same agent where you got your license.

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2. Finding out a suitable motorbike

To achieve this seemingly difficult task, it is a good idea to check online at such websites as Craigslist or Travelswop. They give you a lot of information about most popular bikes available in Vietnam. Also, choosing the ones with a good online reputation can save you gambling and buying the wrong bike from a backpacker.

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What is more, roadside mechanics can be a good source to help you choose the right scooter for your Vietnam adventure tours. However, you might have to pay them an amount of commission. And you are advised not to buy secondhand bikes from a dealer, which doesn’t guarantee anything. Make sure you check the bike thoroughly before buying even from someone who appears honest and reputable.

3. Know what your budget is 

Regarding budget, getting a suitable steed of $300 US is advisable for your motorcycling Vietnam tours. You really had better not spend much more on something secondhand because it will generally be overpriced. If you have the appropriate Vietnamese motorbike license, you can take bikes of larger capacity bikes or else ones in the 50 to a 125cc range is suitable.

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4. Inspect carefully

You may be suggested a lot of motorbikes. At that time, to make a decision, you have to take a general but careful look over the bike: Does it look clean? Is anything hanging off? 

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In details, you should check every single part of the motorbike before buying it for cycle tours in Vietnam:

5. But wait, take a try!

The result might be good after your thorough check, but you have to take a trying ride on that motorbike. In this way, you can make sure that all the gears work smoothly, brakes work, there are no strange noises, the acceleration is smooth and progressive.

If you find any minor issues then politely tell the seller about them and factor them into your offer price. Here is a small price guide you should remember while taking your Vietnam adventure tours (in VND).

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