Best Times and Best Outdoor Activities in Vietnam to Be Suggested for Tourists

Best Times and Best Outdoor Activities in Vietnam to Be Suggested for Tourists

Though Vietnam was slow to develop its huge potential as an outdoor adventure destination, things have really changed in the last few years. Apart from trekking in the mountainous north, visitors can now also go rock–climbing, canyoning, sea kayaking or kitesurfing, among other activities, making outdoor activities in Vietnam awesome than ever.

1. Perfect summer vacation in awesome Vietnamese beaches 

Tra Co

Tra Co, some eight kilometers from Mong Cai town in the northern province of Quang Ninh, is said to be the longest, wildest, and most romantic of all of Vietnam’s beaches. What's more, the 15-kilometer long beach offers visitors not only blue water and white sand but also centuries-old buildings like churches and communal houses. 
outdoor activities in Vietnam

Then there is seafood that can be got for reasonable prices from fishermen right at the beach.

My Khe

My Khe is one of many beautiful and famous beaches in the central city of Da Nang. If you are willing to overlook its crowd, the beach is an ideal vacation spot with gentle waves and lots of activities to try like fishing, diving, and surfing. Another plus is the 24/7 presence of lifeguards around the beach.

 outdoor activities in Vietnam

Lang Co

It is part of Lang Co Bay, which is 25 kilometers north of Da Nang and a fixture in the most beautiful bays in the world list. If you are one of those who love beaches but does not want to limit your Vietnam outdoor to sand and water, Lang Co is the place for you. For, not far from the beach are mountains, swamps, primeval forests, and historical sites.
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2. Relaxing September-November trips spent in terrace fields of North Vietnam

Tourists from HCMC can fly to Hanoi and then rent a car or take a bus to get to Mu Cang Chai, about 280km from downtown Hanoi. Some local youth opt for conquering Mu Cang Chai by motorbike with the starting point in Hanoi. The best time to visit Mu Cang Chai is from September to November when the weather in Vietnam is the best of the year and when the immense terrace rice fields there all turn yellow, creating the best image for your outdoor activities.
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One month prior to the Mu Cang Chai trip, travelers should make hotel room bookings as thousands of people often rush to the area to view the terrace rice fields in full bloom. There are some hotels and hostels near Mu Cang Chai area, including Tu Le Commune, Khau Pha Pass and Nghia Lo Town in Yen Bai Province. The three-star Suoi Mo Hotel on Dien Bien Street is highly recommended as this is a convenient hotel in Yen Bai.

It normally takes about three days and two nights to visit all the best terrace rice fields in Tu Le Valley, Khau Pha Pass, La Pan Tan, Cau Ba Nha and Che Cu Nha communes. The best time to photograph the terrace rice fields is from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. when the landscape looks gorgeous in mist and sunlight beams. Rising smoke from the kitchen of a house on stilts may make the scene more beautiful and your adventure Vietnam more romantic.

3. Romantic January – March holidays spent watching flower blossoming in North Vietnam 

Peach blossoms

When cold and icy winds of winter are passing through and the warm spring sunshine is coming, this is the time of peach blossoms blooming throughout Northwest hillsides. 

It is the wild and natural beauty of this flower that attracts both domestic and international backpackers traveling Northwest Vietnam. In spite of blooming throughout the Northwest, Sapa peach blossoms are more attractive to travelers because of its remarkable vitality in freezing winters. Sapa peach blossoms often come into exquisite bloom from December to February. If travelers are lucky enough, they can also watch the snow falling in Sapa during outdoor activities in Vietnam.
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In addition to Sapa, Moc Chau is also an ideal place to enjoy peach blossoms. Moc Chau peach blossoms are originated from France. This type is paler and has fewer petals than Sapa peach blossoms.

Hoa Sua (Dalbergia tonkinensis)

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In Hanoi Capital, Hoa Sua is not grown in a certain street but scattered in many streets of the city.  Wandering around Hanoi streets such as Giang Vo, Phan Dinh Phung, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoang Hoa Tham, or Thanh Nien at this time, it is easy to catch white flowers beautiful blooming and your Vietnam adventure holidays get more romantic than ever.

Ben Flower (Bauhinia)

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Annually, in March, when the weather is warm, Ban Flowers often bloom throughout mountains and hills in Northwest Vietnam. The bloom of Ban Flower is a signal of Spring. Ban Flowers have many colors including white, red, and violet. Setting foot in Son La Province or Dien Bien Province at that time, travelers may be surprised by the pure beauty of white petals of Ban Flowers. Besides, visiting Moc Chau when Ban Flowers are blooming, travelers also have a great opportunity to take part in Het Cha Festival - a special festival of Thai ethnic minority group. The festival is annually organized approximately from March, 23rd to 26th.

4. Biking Mekong Delta all year round

The Mekong Delta really is ‘as flat as a pancake’, so cyclists of different levels can join any of our tours without worrying too much about not being in top shape. In fact, the Mekong Delta region would have to be one of the most user-friendly biking locations you could ever imagine! That makes it a fantastic location for a family or a group of friends to enjoy outdoor activities in Vietnam whilst touring in an ecologically sustainable way! 
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By staying off main roads and traveling only on paths, dirt tracks, and country backroads, we aim to give you a unique opportunity to smell, touch and taste the REAL Mekong Delta. You will have a chance to meet a lot of real locals who aren't trying to sell you something! Years of research and constant refinement of our product has led them to where they are today, where they can offer you well organized, top quality bike trips and the best service, at highly competitive prices. 

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