Enjoying our 5-star experience in Violet Cruise Halong Bay for your unforgettable active travel Vietnam tours.
Violet Halong Cruise Being Worth Taken to Enjoy an Active Travel Vietnam

Violet Halong Cruise Being Worth Taken to Enjoy an Active Travel Vietnam

Launched on 1st November 2009, Violet Cruise Halong Bay has become one of the best five-stars for active travel Vietnam.  It is named after the beautiful Violet Chirita, a delicate purple-flowered plant grown only on the rocky slopes of Halong Bay, and its style features the 1930’s Indochine style. 
Violet Halong Cruise, with six small yet luxurious cabins, gives visitors an exclusive experience of Vietnam outdoor.  What’s more, the Violet features gleaming wooden floors, opulent silks and velvets and floor-to-ceiling windows, which brings a breathtaking view. Nothing can better the intimate experience of Halong Bay, that Violet Halong Cruise has brought to tourists.

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During Vietnam adventure holidays on the Violet cruise, you have a chance to enjoy local day-caught seafood well-cooked in Vietnamese marvelous cuisine in a spacious boutique dining room. Also, you will inspire yourself with a glass of wine admiring the brilliant sunset of the bay or simply relax with gentle pampering at Violet spa after taking exercises in the Violet gym. Consequently, Violet Halong Cruise is an ideal option for family gatherings, honeymooners, or couples of friends who love to explore active travel Vietnam.
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Typical Violet Halong Cruise

Violet Cruise 2 Days / 1 Night is maybe among the most popular tour taken bay tons of travel addicts.

Day 1: Visit the Cua Van Fishing Village, the biggest and oldest fishing village in Halong Bay

To start the active travel, you will be taken to Cua Van Fishing Village - the biggest and oldest fishing village in Halong Bay of Vietnam. During the visit, your eyes will be allowed to swim through the magical waters where thousands of sculpted limestone and islands rise from the water like gigantic teeth of dragons. the Mat Quy and Am islets are picturesque in this area. 

Onboard, you will be served a buffet lunch. Then you can enjoy this World Heritage Site as soon as the boat starts to cruise into the Bay. The first sight is the Tien Ong Cave, which is about 2.000 sqm and filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, formed out of ancient limestone karsts about 700,000 years ago. After the 20-minute visit, the ship will arrive at the Cua Van Fishing Village. This ancient village has a great deal of floating houses and floating school for you to join adventure activities in Vietnam.
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During the trip, guests can sharpen their culinary skills at a cooking class performance conducted by an energetic chef.  Preparing special Vietnamese dishes is worth trying. 

The evening is the right time to enjoy a massage or at least to take a drink. The night is completely yours when you can kick back on a comfy pillowed bench and inhale the surreal beauty whilst sipping a glass of wine. Hardly anywhere on earth, you can swim in that kind of feeling. 
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Day 2: Visit the Ti Top island, the Tam Cung Cave, and Poem Mountain

On the early second morning, you will be served with some complimentary tea, coffee, and pastries in the restaurant followed by  Tai Chi Class on the terrace deck. This is a great morning activity while onboard enjoying natural wonder. Also, an early morning bath in the Bay is also fascinating to many tourists. Guests will be brought to a natural white sandy stretch of a beach with crystal clear water. If sporty, you are allowed to join Vietnam adventure activities like climbing up to a hilltop so that you can have the last view from above over the Halong Bay before having to return to the boat and cruise slowly back to Halong City, passing picturesque areas like the Ti Top island. During the trip to the Tam Cung Cave and Poem Mountain, a buffet brunch is served before the arrival at the shore at around 11.00AM. 
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At the end of the trip of active travel Vietnam, you will have a farewell party with the crew and disembark with the tender boat to the Royal Park Pier.

Besides, Violet Cruise 3 Days / 2 Nights is also fascinating. 

Having finished the visit to the Cua Van Fishing Village, you will explore Halong Bay. At the end of the trip, the Ti Top island, the Tam Cung Cave, and Poem Mountain are the last tourist attractions to visit. 

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