Meta guide: Vietnam Travel Guides for Best Villas in a Luxurious Dalat Tour
Vietnam Travel Guides for Best Villas in a Luxurious Dalat Tour

Vietnam Travel Guides for Best Villas in a Luxurious Dalat Tour

Villas in Dalat have been famous for their sophisticated and charming Western European architecture, which is one of the top reasons for the attraction of this place to tourists. With the increase in tourists demand, there is a new popular trend to visit Dalat in a Vietnam adventure with families or groups of friends recently. Accompanied with that, the demand for villas in Dalat among tourists coming here also increases quickly. Indeed, this demand has been met by tremendous well-equipped villas for the best holidays in the city of flowers. This article will list out top Vietnam travel guides for 5 best villas in Dalat based on the quality of bedrooms and space for relaxation.

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1. Dalat Ana Mandara villas

This is the only ancient villas resort designed in a Western style to be rated 5 stars in Dalat. Each of the villas resort has from three to five rooms with full facilities. Tourists coming can also try some Western, Asian or Vietnamese specialties in the Le Petit Dalat Restaurant for some Vietnam outdoor experiences. There are well-known bars and wine cellars in special designs to serve tourists with many famous types of wine. At Courtyard, you can taste some tea or coffee with cakes when enjoying the captivating sceneries around.

When you come to the Ana Mandara Dalat villas village, it will bring to you a retrospect of an ancient Dalat in the past. There are still some signals to reflect the higher class’s life in the period of 1920 to 1930 of the last century. Tourists can live in a fresh atmosphere and the peaceful and environmentally friendly space in this resort.
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2. Binh An village Dalat resort

It is a pretty and poetic resort to be built on the bank of Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat. This is a fine combination of the ancient French architectural among pine forests, lakes and blue sky and the traditionally local architectural essence. For best Vietnam travel guides, you should not skip this pit stop.

In general, Binh An village Dalat resort looks like a flowery oasis surrounded by the charming romantic nature. From every window of the villa, tourists can witness the fairy sceneries of Dalat and enjoy the peaceful life during your experience time in that luxurious resort.
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3. Dalat Edensee resort

This is an elegant and convenient resort designed in a Western village style with luxurious Dalat villas to be located along the Tuyen Lam lake bank – a mysterious oasis hindering itself under pine ranges, which can make up an impressive Vietnam adventure tour. Architects have made the view here look like a Western village with skillful designs, arrangements, and care. 

Located right in the heart of Vietnam Black Forest on the altitude of 1,500 meters to the sea level, Dalat Edensee resort is a perfect starting point in your journey to explore the poetic highland.
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4. Dalat Terracotta resort

The villas in Dalat Terracotta are designed harmoniously with nature and also in special Western style under the bright green color of pine trees along the poetic Tuyen Lam Lake bank. The resort should also be noted in your best Vietnam travel guides since it is surrounded by a transparent glass wall, which helps tourists to freely enjoy the beautiful sceneries around right from their rooms. Every room is equipped with modern, advanced and unique facilities.

Tourists can enjoy the warm feeling together with family members when booking rooms in Dalat Terracotta Resort with different themes such as Twilight, Dawn, Love, etc. Once here for a Vietnam adventure travel, tourists will have chances to live with the wonderful natural sceneries on the Lake bank, watch the gorgeous color of the peach blossom garden, lie on the hammock chair in the yard in front of the villa looking toward the lake and slowly sip a cup of hot artichoke tea in the poetic scenery of Dalat city.
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5. Dalat Cadasa Resort

Located on Tran Hung Dao Street, Dalat Cadasa Resort is a collection of villas to be built by French. This Resort occupies an acreage up to 6 hectares, with French unique ancient architectural villas, each of which was designed in different style. This used to be the residence of many politicians and artists in the early of the twentieth century, which seems to be very interesting for a tour with Vietnam adventure activities.

Dalat Cadasa resort was built in the middle of flower and pine tree forests to help tourists enjoy the beauty of majestic nature as well as have the best relaxation time. The Wednesday’s Violet Coffee & Restaurant and Flamenco Bar with the capacity up to over 40 guests were designed in the classic style to help tourists have a retrospect to the past of Vietnam outdoor activities with timeless love songs.
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The above are just five suggestions among the best Vietnam travel guides for tremendous villas designed uniquely in Dalat Resorts.  Hopefully, you will find for yourself an ideal pit stop for a luxurious and memorable tour to Dalat. If you are a flower and nature lover, do not hesitate that long but start to plan your interesting trip to this city right now. You will never regret having decided to come here.

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