Vacation In Laos - Bombed History, Blooming Future

Vacation In Laos - Bombed History, Blooming Future

The Southeast Asian country of Laos has seen an extended bad times during several war affected period. The consistent bombarding shattered the country in many different ways, But things are getting normal and Laos is evolving as a major tourist destination.

The statues made from unexploded ordnance outside COPE Visitor Center - Vientiane
Like some tortured human souls, some countries of the world also has to under go the ruthless battering of time and history which leaves a scar on its image and psyche. Laos, a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Burma and China has a story to tell with lots of bomb attacks in different turns of history.

But, rising from the ashes, Laos has now made its way to become one of the most attractive countries from traveller point of view with lots to do and see. You can start out with a riverboat sail along the water channels of Laos meandering ways through the roadless hamlets, pristine environment and diverse cultures. Or you can head towards the cave series of Vieng Xai, that used to be the shelter fro the locals from aerial bombardment during the 20th-century Indochinawars. Not to be missed the "bomb-shelter caves" that are seated amid dramatic karst outcrops.

The karst cliffs and mountains of Khammuan in central Laos are something that makes vacation a worth in this part of the nation. Turquoise streams, monsoon forests and striking karst topography marks this region that deserves serious mention while talking about the natural resources of Laos. To give your vacation a novel and off the beat touch, you can go out on a bicycle excursion along the streets of the capital- Vientiane. Or if you are night creature, then no other place can better the experience of a night out in the town of Vang Vieng. It has a limestone cliff backdrop that mixes well with the parties in open-air raves-slash-amusement parks and in the clubs.

In addition to all these, former royal capital of Luang Prabang and Si Phan Don are the places that retains the laid back look with lots to offer for some backpacking. Today, Laos has come a long way from its dubious distinction as a tormented destination that it used to be till some time ago.

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