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Top of Things for Foreign Tourists to Know Before Going for Vietnam Adventure

Top of Things for Foreign Tourists to Know Before Going for Vietnam Adventure

Vietnam is a peaceful and beautiful country, which make it a desirable destination for every visitor from every corner of the world to come and enjoy their trip here. However, there are definitely some tips and notes that you should know before making a decision to go to Vietnam on the next holiday. This article will mention top 7 things that foreign tourists must keep in mind for a Vietnam adventure.
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1. Crossing the road

Many accidents happen almost every day due to the carelessness of commuters. For foreign tourists, you may be shocked when joining in the traffic in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Indeed, crossing the roads is a must-cope-with challenge for any visitor to Vietnam. But don’t worry! To make it easy, do not rush to run across the street, or even quickly ride across if you are in a biking in Vietnam. Maintain a sustainable speed and do not hesitate or stop suddenly. Do not text messages on your cell phones or look at your map when coming across the street. The stream of vehicles will automatically adjust after you. 
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2. Cats and dogs meat

To foreign tourists, it is not a comfortable Vietnam adventure to eat dogs and cats’ meat, so it would be so disgusting if they cannot differentiate these types of meat from others’. Just learn Vietnamese for the two words before going to for a Vietnam tour and be careful to order some foods related to meat in Vietnam, as the meat is considered specialties in some localities of Vietnam outdoor. Besides, on the menu in some restaurants or eating houses, they are called in special beautiful and catchy names to attract tourists with high prices.

3. Vietnamese currency

The current USD to VND exchange rate is somewhere around 21,734 dong. Therefore, foreign tourists should know the approximated number to spend money in Vietnam. Another thing to remember is the color of different polymer notes for expenditure purposes so that you will not be confused when taking part in some outdoor activities in Vietnam.
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4. Suitable things to carry along

In the summer, it is hot and wet in Vietnam, so you can leave jeans and thick clothes at home. On the contrary, in the winter, it’s often very cold in the Northern Vietnam, so you had better prepare a thick long coat or jacket to keep yourself warm. Besides, one thing also necessary is to watch the weather forecast before starting the journey to ensure the interest during your Vietnam adventure, as well as always carrying an umbrella in case there is a sudden rain.
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5. Taxi

Taxi drivers in Vietnam often cheat tourists by giving out a cut-throat price for their services. To avoid this problem, you should call for a taxi from your hotel so that you can save your money. On the other hand, there are also some drivers who do not respect the traffic law. According to some Vietnam travel guides, you should remind them if they talk on their phone while driving the cars, because they might go on the wrong road and ask you for more money than usual, not to mention the danger you may cope with.
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6. Passports validity

You need to make sure that your passport still has at least 6 more months of the valid period before starting a trip to Vietnam. There were cases that some foreign passengers were refused entry to Vietnam since their passport expiration date is within 5 next months. This proves that customs officers are really strict in controlling the formalities.
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7. Vietnamese SIM cards

You can buy a cell phone SIM right in the airport. When your account runs out of money, just drop in whatever bazaar at any corner of the streets to buy cards. You can also use some free apps to make phone calls or text messages during your outdoor activities in Vietnam as long as there is Wi-Fi. 
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That’s it! Are you ready for a Vietnam adventure and start to explore new things about a beautiful Asian country? You will certainly have unforgettable experiences during the journey if you keep in mind the basic advice above, or some useful others if possible.

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