Vietnam telephone and fax network

Vietnam telephone and fax network

Fixed telephone and fax

Provided by Vietnam Post and Telecommunication (VNPT) and Viettel;
Phone number consists of 10 digits of which:
Eg: when you are in Vietnam, you want to dial to our desk-phone, it will be 0-4-3633-9334.  When you are oversea, it will be 84-4-3633-9334.

Mobile phones

Provided by VNPT, Viettel and MobiFone, including:
GSM: Vinaphone (code: 091, 094, 0123, 0124, 0125, 0127, 0129), MobiFone (code: 090, 093), Viettel (code: 096, 097, 098, 0162, 0163, 0164, 0165, 0166, 0167, 0168, 0169);
Using GSM 900/1800 with  standard SIM card which is compatible with most of Asia, Europe and Australia, but not with North America;
Phone number code: Network code +  seven digits (e.g: within Vietnam 098-123-4567 and from oversea 84-98-123-4567)

Costs and Charges.

Cost for both fixed phone and mobile phone in Vietnam now is very cheap. SIM Card can be obtained everywhere as cheap as $3.5 - 5$ with available account 120.000 - 150.000d (~ $6 - 8$). This account is enough for regular communications within Vietnam upto 10 - 14 days.
3G package is an extra at around 70.000d (~ $3.5) for 600M hi-speed Internet. (cost and data usage package can be slightly different among providers)
Roaming data or International phone call run around $0.5 - $1.7/minute depending on your called countries. Please check with the providers before using.

Discount options

171 service: dial 171 at the beginning of any calls (or at the end when call to mobile phones), save up 50%;
Make call between  11pm to 7am and  weekends, save up 20%;
Buy a  SIM card with local number for your mobile phone. It’s more convenient to receive any calls such as from relatives and sometime cheaper than using hotels’ service;
Using  roaming service to use your phone number in Vietnam (if not expensive).

Important phone numbers (available in every Vietnam cities)

113       Police 
114       Fire Brigade 
115       Ambulance 
1080     Information about society, economy, culture (in Vietnamese, English, French)
101       Long Distance Domestic telephone service 
102       Directory assistance for long distance domestic telephone service 
103       Operator-assisted long distance domestic telephone service 
110       International telephone service 
112       International telephone service rate 
113       International telephone service inquiries 
116       Phone number inquiries 
117       Time inquiries 
118       Ring back test 
119       Advice on telephone repairs 
1088     Consultation in areas of health, law, information, psychology, living skills...

For anything in emergency, please call to our hotline 27/4 at 090-224-3637 (while in Vietnam) or +84-90-2243637 (while outside Vietnam) for immediate help.

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