New Adventure Tours 2018

New Adventure Tours 2018

Selection of newest adventure tours from our own inspection and experiences. New places, new routs, new activities are combined in best programs. We expect to give more adventurous experiences in this new year of 2018.
New Adventure Tours 2018
8 Days | From US$ 525
Route: Hanoi - Ha Giang - Tuy Village - Meo Vac - Dong Van - Lung Cu - Yen Minh - Hoang Su Phi - Pan Hou Ecologde - Hanoi
  • The best alternative for Sapa trekking: now trek Ha Giang
  • Driving path Hanoi - Ha Giang is uncomparably stunning
  • Superb scenery of mountain, terrace fields
  • Foot on the furthest point of the North Vietnam - Lung Cu 
  • Meeting ethnic minorities such as: Hmong, Tay, Nung, Red Dzao etc
  • Immerse in beautiful Pan Hou ecolodge and surroundings
Activities: Trek-Walk
Country: Vietnam
5 Days | From US$ 320
Route: Hue – Phuoc Tich – Thanh Toan - Aluoi – Prao - Hoi an – My Son - Hoi an
  • Featuring Heritage Lines: Hue & surroundings, Hoi an and My son
  • Hue ancient houses - Phuoc Tich and Thanh Toan for typical 
  • Motorcycling to A Luoi and Prao - to meet unique ethnic people.
  • Drive to My Son - a sacred land hidden deeply inside jungle.
  • Lovely relaxing at forever charming Hoi an town.
Activities: Motorcycling
Country: Vietnam
4 Days | From US$ 341
Route: Saigon - Cat Tien National Park - biking up to Dalat - Biking to Nha Trang
  • Easy hiking and fantastic jeep ride at Nam Cat Tien National Park
  • Awesome biking on various terrains 
  • Biking in the most beautiful city in Highland Central, Dalat
  • Best trails from Dalat down to Nha trang
Activities: Biking
Country: Vietnam
5 Days | From US$ 395
Route: Luang Prabang - Cycling – Homestay - Trekking to Hmong & Khamu Village - kayaking Nam Khan River - Luang Prabang – Pak Ou Cave
  • Awesome scenery while trekking through remote and beautiful bamboo forest
  • Enjoy a relaxing lunch under a natural waterfall after hiking via dense forest
  • Fantastic kayaking on the Nam Khan River at introductory, leisure grading
  • Stop for visiting to stunning Pak Ou Cave whilst enjoying the ancient capital of Laos, Luang Prabang
  • Authentic homestay at local villager's house
Activities: Multi Activities
Country: Laos
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