How we conquer Tad Fane – A stunning win set of waterfalls

How we conquer Tad Fane – A stunning win set of waterfalls

Passing 38km along the road to Pak Song, you will arrive at Tad Fane - a picturesque twin set of waterfalls spilling 200 meters down into a deep gorge, located in the jungle of Dong Hua Sao, which is one of the National Biodiversity Conservation areas in Champasak Province in Laos. 

Getting here is problematic due to erratic public transport connections. It is possible however to catch a Pak Song-bound tuk-tuk or Attapeu-bound bus which passes by the turn off which is then a further walk to the top of the falls. A return chartered tuk-tuk excursion out here should cost about 200,000 kips. Or to make your trip easier, just book a trekking Tad Fane day-tour through an agency including transportation, tour guide and lunch. From the bottom of the waterfall to the top, it's gonna be a long trek route, as of that, you really need a local tour guide to avoid unexpected situations. 

The Tad Fane Waterfalls looking from the top

We did a Tad Fane day-long tour to conquer the waterfalls (from the top to the bottom). First of all is the 120m high Tad Fane. We only got as close as a viewing platform but we met talked to a French couple who just came down from the bottom of the falls, which sounded like a real adventure. We were more excited about this journey and desire to get a shot looking up the waterfalls to the pool above. 

We keep trekking down to the bottom, and this gorgeous view with rainbow was a gift for our journey, but it was stil not the bottom.

The falls are quite striking, but unlike other falls in the area, swimming opportunities aren't available unless you take a half-day hike under the supervision of a guide -- both the top and the bottom of the falls are a long haul from the resort through the jungle. where we went for a refreshing swim, getting right under the intense spray.

Finally we reached the bottom. The waterfalls looked severely gorgeous

We thought we’d continue renting the bike and our explorations but that night, over dinner at Mama’s, we talked to another traveler who had gone on some of the roads we were thinking of taking. Apparently, there were a lot of construction and rough roads with deep dust and dirt. He’d spilled and showed us his injuries. We decided that we weren’t ready for that adventure yet.

We loved staying where we were. It was the most mellowed place we’d been yet. We met lots of great people there, some who’d been there for weeks, soaking up the easy lifestyle. For the casual visitor, pretty much all you can do is look at them. You can choose trekking tours to the top of the waterfall. This is another good example of how the Lao government is wisely developing the tourist infrastructure -- local villagers are allowed to sell handicrafts to tourists only if they promise not to engage in illegal hunting and logging which has been having a negative impact on the ecosystem. So, save a tree and buy something.

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