Exciting Vietnam Adventure Tours in Hoi an Traditional Villages

Exciting Vietnam Adventure Tours in Hoi an Traditional Villages

Mentioning Hoi An, many people often think of the peaceful Hoai River or houses bearing time stamps. In addition to the beauty of the ancient town, this place also attracts visitors in Vietnam adventure tours to traditional handicraft villages, which are culturally preserved for a long time.
At present, Hoi An still has about 12 traditional handicraft villages, such as carpentry, fine art, lantern ... villages. Here are some most famous villages you should not miss when viadventure activities in
siting this ancient town.
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Kim Bong traditional carpentry village

Located in Cam Kim commune, Kim Bong carpentry village has a history of up to 600 years. Under the reign of the Nguyen dynasty, Kim Bong was famous for its exquisite rustic work with boats and houses. Not only that, the architecture of houses or pagodas in Hoi An ancient town is also designed by the skillful hand of Kim Bong carpenters. 

To get here and try some adventure activities in Vietnam, you only need to take a ferry from the ancient town in about 10 minutes. From the moment of setting foot on this piece of land, the sound of chiseling or drill cutting will make tourists excited about an attractive tourist destination.

The carpentry products from this village are assessed to be rustic but also sophisticated. You can find lacquered pictures, wooden statues, chairs or even small toys that are nicely polished to keep the natural color in such Vietnam adventure tours.

Currently, Kim Bong carpentry village is no longer building boats, building houses as before, instead, it only produces handicraft products. However, the essence and dexterity still imprint strongly on each product.

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Tra Que traditional vegetable village

Tra Que is a famous land of Hoi An with delicious vegetables grown on fertile soil. The village is located in Cam Ha commune, more than 3km northwest of the city center so you can also get there in every normal cycling Vietnam tour. At present, there are 220 families working in agriculture, of which 130 are specializing in growing rotational vegetables, intercropping on 40ha.

Visiting Tra Que, you will be introduced to over 20 spices of leafy vegetables and herbal vegetables. Many spices are considered more delicious than other places such as basils, perillas ... Not only that, visitors coming here also experience the feeling of becoming real farmers, which is really valuable for such  Vietnam adventure tours. Tra Que people prepare a lot of farm clothes with slippers, conical hats and set up houses dedicated to tourism. Visitors are guided about how to hoe, plant, water and fertilize vegetables.

After the practice of being farmers, tourists will enjoy many delicious dishes made from green vegetables and specialties of Quang Nam such as a cauldron, mussels, prawn, Quang noodles, Hoi An Cao Lau, etc.
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Thanh Ha traditional pottery village

About 3 km to the west of Hoi An is the Thanh Ha pottery village, dating from the end of the 15th century. This village is located near the Thu Bon River in Cam Ha commune, which you can get to after the previous destination in a cycling Vietnam route. Previously, Thanh Ha provided bowls, jars, tiles, floor tiles for ancient houses in Hoi An and surrounding areas. Today, the products are more abundant and diverse, including soulless souvenirs with various designs and colors.

One special feature in this village is that the households still preserve the pottery making technique on tables. All rely on the craftsmanship of each artist without the use of mold, glaze or chemicals. Therefore, although the same material is used clay, the products here are lighter than which from other regions. Visiting this traditional pottery village in Vietnam, in addition to buying beautiful souvenirs, visitors also take part in some outdoor activities here and learn about the traditional pottery of Vietnam from experienced artists.
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Phuoc Kieu traditional Copper Casting Village

With the age of up to 400 years, Phuoc Kieu Copper Casting Village is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam adventure tours to Hoi An in particular and the whole country in general. You can find copper products for festive occasions such as gongs, lounges, etc., and daily necessities including pots, saucepans, bowls, etc.

The reason why the products here are impressive is because of the special manipulation techniques that tourists can witness through outdoor activities in this place of Vietnam. Artisans in the village always have the secret of mixing many different metals as well as maintaining a stable temperature. In the past, the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty had invited artisans from the village to Hue to produce works of art, household goods, and even mining.
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Indeed, Vietnam adventure tours to Hoi An will be the most memorable experience in your life with unique beauty and attraction. For more detailed guides, come to this article as reference.

 After finishing the journey to visit the ancient town, you can stop at Phuoc Kieu. In addition to buying products and visiting, you can also see artists performing songs instruments made by themselves.

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