Cao Bang travel information

Cao Bang travel information


Ban Gioc waterfall272km (about 170 miles) north of Hanoi, Cao Bang province shares a 314km (195 mile) border with China. This is a beautiful mountain area in the northeast of the country and worth exploring.

Cao Bang is home to many ethnic groups who live on forestry and farming. Many still live on the highest peaks and carve stepped rice paddies into the steep mountainsides. The weather is cool all year round. In winter snow sometimes covers some mountain peaks. Many wild orchids grow in the region.

While in Cao Bang, don't miss the chance to visit Ban Gioc waterfall - the largest in the country with a span of 300m (330 yards). The waterfall has three levels, creating a giant staircase. It is fed by the Quay Son River which marks the border with China. The water volume varies considerably between the dry and rainy seasons - the falls are most impressive from May to September.

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