Adventure Things To Do in Laos

Adventure Things To Do in Laos

Laos travel is not only beautiful, but also jam packed with adventure activities.  I’m a selective adrenaline junkie, and sports such as rock climbing and tubing in Laos get me going.  However, suggest jumping out of an plane, and expect me to run for the hills. Southeast Asia travel continues to be incredibly rewarding and adventure things should try are listed below.

Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng

Whether you are a novice or a pro, Vang Vieng has a rock for you to climb.  I had only tried this once before, tucked up safely in an indoor arena. This was completely different and infinitely better. Laos has some stunning landscapes and in Vang Vieng, limestone cliffs border the town and make for perfect climbs.
With a friendly guide who spoke just enough English for him to answer my burning questions: “Yes, the harness was safe” and “No, you will not fall”, I boldly had a go and heaved myself up the rockface.  There were no markers indicating where you go like an indoor arena, this was free for all, grab on and go.  I tried three climbs (5A-C) with the difficulty intensifying each time and though failing to make it to the very top, I loved every second.

Needless to say my sporty boyfriend whizzed up every wall and even surprised the instructor by trying one of the more advanced 6A ones.  What made this challenging day all the more special was the feeling of satisfaction at pushing my body to limits I didn’t know I had and doing it all with the phenomenal Laos landscape as a backdrop.

Mountain Biking in Laos

Hiring a bike in Laos is so cheap it’s almost unreal. For around a dollar for a day you can venture around and explore on your own.  We chose a day where the weather didn’t look so promising and lo and behold about half an hour in the heavens opened.  Though completely off putting for me at first and one or two harsh words thrown at my man, I almost turned back. Thank goodness I didn’t as the weather cleared and I had a completely exhilarating day discovering caves and lagoons and breathing in the fragrant air from the Laotian rice fields.

Caving in Laos

Laos has many caving opportunities. Some with a guide and others with as little as “here’s a head torch and off you go”. We chose the latter and got to witness the awesome Phu Kam Cave and the Golden Buddha in Vang Vieng. Beyond the Buddha, the cave goes on for miles and I’ll be honest, it’s pretty terrifying. But those of you that aren’t terrified of the dark and death inducing sink holes will surely love it.

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